The current generation of the patented Dose Control ™ dispenser features:

  • 30 dosage compartments capable of containing more than 1 pill/tablet/capsule each (other compartment counts possible)
  • Programmable dispensing, 1 to 24 hours between dosages
  • No more than 1 dosage is ever available for access, regardless of how much time has elapsed since last access
  • Robust high impact ABS housing
  • Individually serial numbered
  • Internal keyless locking with no “back door” access (other than physically breaking and visibly damaging the device)
  • Handheld portability- 5 ½ “ diameter X 1 ½ “ high
  • Battery-powered
  • LED and LCD patient reminders to address medication adherence
  • Refillable- opens easily after all dosages accessed
  • Accommodates preconfigured blister packs of medications, or individually loaded medications
  • Quick visual indication of how many dosages taken, and how many dosages remaining- assists with refill planning and also to easily discover theft of dosages
  • Simplistic, robust, cost-effective patented design (US patent 7,108,153)
  • Described by physicians as a “PCA for pills”
  • With increased confidence in properly timed and tamper-resistant medication access by patients, physicians can more effectively treat their patients with abuse-potential opioids, stimulants, or depressants.

The patented Dose Control ™ device controls access to pill-type medications.   This is accomplished by the pharmacist, caregiver, or pharmaceutical manufacturer placing the preconfigured blister packaged or individual medication doses in cartridge compartments, which are enclosed in a tamper -resistant housing.   The device is then programmed for the prescribed dosing schedule and the lid is secured.   A battery- powered countdown timer is used to control the amount of time that must elapse before the device can be rotated or advanced by the user to access a dose.  Once the prescribed time has elapsed, a solenoid is activated, which unlocks the device, thus allowing manual rotation of the cartridge to the next dosage compartment.  The action of the user manually rotating the device resets the countdown timer and triggers the locking mechanism, preventing access to more than one dose per sequence.   This cycle is repeated until the device is emptied, and the dispenser then reopens for refilling.  The device is always at the ready for access once the time sequence has elapsed.

Currently available medication dispensing devices force a choice between portability and security.  The Dose Control ™ device provides both features, in a relatively simple yet robust design, with a production price point far below secure devices currently on the market.

Aims of the Dose Control ™ dispenser are:

  1. To provide a level of safety and protection for the user of abuse- potential prescription medications.
  2. To assist in the rehabilitation and the compliant use of prescribed medications by those abusing, dependent on, or addicted to prescribed medications.
  3. To assist users of prescribed medications in maintaining a correct dosing schedule.

Access to prescribed medication is controlled by the device.  The dose is accessible at a rate prescribed by the caregiver.   If the patient feels that rate is insufficient, his recourse is to contact the caregiver, instead of self-medicating at non-prescribed, possibly unsafe levels.  Since there is only one dose available per dispensing sequence, incidences of stealing, sharing, or selling multiple dosages are more difficult to accomplish.

Even with controlled use, the user may become dependent on the medication with extended use.   The Dose Control ™ device can be used in this instance to more limit the user from accessing the medication by progressively lengthening dosing times.  For example if the original prescription was one pill every 6 hours, the time could be lengthened to one pill every 8 hours, then later one pill every 12 hours.  Completely and suddenly taking such medication from a dependent user has led to such illegal practices as doctor shopping and purchasing on the street.

Dose Control ™ brings control to the dosage access process.   Both the patient and the physician can have confidence that the medication can provide intended benefits, on the prescribed and programmed dosage schedule.

There are many patients with health issues requiring the taking of medications at regular intervals, per their prescription.   Dose Control ™ addresses medication adherence via visual, as well as optional audible indicators- again controlled by the programmed countdown timer feature.