Brad Wood is the inventor of the Dose Control ™ device, and also the company’s President.  The idea for a secure, portable medication device came to Brad in 2003, while contemplating how to help an acquaintance from his church who was traveling to her pharmacist daily to receive medication. Prescription abuse had become so prevalent for her that the physician limited her prescription to one day at a time. While working on the design, the size and scope of the prescription drug abuse problem became more apparent, as Brad became aware of others struggling with this problem.   Brad’s design research led to a patent filing in January 2004, and issuance of US patent 7,108,153 in September 2006.
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Linton Wells is Dose Control LLC’s Vice President, joining the company in early 2009 to lead commercialization and administrative efforts.  Linton has previously led a business startup involved with new product designs and market launches.  His previous research into the topic of prescription drug abuse brought him to the conclusion that the common “pop top, access all at once” medication container is not a preferred solution for abuse-potential medications.  To the contrary, it is a significant contributor to the problem of prescription drug abuse.

Howard Carter, Bobby Hayes, and Willie French jointly lead the company’s mechanical and electronic design effort.  They together bring to the company over 3 decades of product design experience, specifically including electronic dispensers, and focus on design improvements and production cost efficiencies.

Prescription drug abuse is an epidemic urgently in need of innovative solutions.  According to the “National Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Strategy, 2009”, issued by the Center for Lawful Access and Abuse Deterrence, new dispensing technologies can be an important part of a prescription drug abuse mitigation strategy.

Medication abuse, addiction, and dependence ruin individual lives and families, and society pays a tremendous price in the process.  In 2002 alone, economic costs in the US due to abuse of prescription drugs were nearly $181 billion (Office of National Drug Control Policy, The Economic Costs of Drug Abuse in the United States, 1992- 2002).

Our focus is to provide a viable solution to address certain key components of this problem.  Our company’s goal is to bring the Dose Control ™ dispenser to market, where it can provide confidence to the patient and care provider that the cure won’t be worse than the ill being treated.  We are currently pursuing patent licensing agreements and development partners to accelerate achievement of this goal.